Started in 1947 by the United States government to compartmentalize and contain the secrets of worlds and beings beyond the average citizen’s means of comprehension and understanding. Kept entirely on a need-to-know basis, this branch of the government has only approximately 200+ active agents world-wide, most of which are administrators and scouts, actively looking and reporting phenomena as they occur.

Headquartered at the Below and led by Lauren Osborne, an enigmatic entity in and of herself, the federal department has several bases of operation across the country, always on the outskirts of major cities, so as to not draw attention to themselves.

The Department is tasked with scouting out and reacting to unexplained and paranormal phenomena so as to regulate the public’s reaction. The relatively recent wide-spread adoption of the internet and social has made the Department’s job much more difficult, calling for the internet based division, created in 1998, within the department to be vastly expanded in the year 2004. Although typically based within the paranormal and supernatural, extraterrestrial matters also fall into the DPID’s jurisdiction. Their typical relationship with alien diplomacy is to strongly encourage the ET’s to leave Earth alone, and maybe come back in another 1000 Earth years, when the human race is ready to receive their gifts, or, is worth conquering.

The Department faces constant criticism with other international organizations dealing with the paranormal because of their approach to dealing with phenomena. While International secret organizations tend to be more about extermination and research of all Shadows, whereas the DPID takes a more moderate approach and plays each case by ear.


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